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Lake Mburo National Park

Lake Mburo National park

About Lake Mburo National Park

ofertas trabajo sevilla Lake Mburo National park is amazingly the closest national park to Kampala, it also doubles as the smallest national park. Situated between Masaka and Mbarara district taking approximately 4 hours’ drive time to arrive. The park covers an area of 370km² including the lakes ( 5 lakes).  Lake Mburo is endowed with several wildlife species to mention recently translocated giraffes,  buffaloes, elands, waters bucks, antelopes, zebras, oribis, topis, warthogs as you take a boat cruise on Lake Mburo you will be in a position to observe, hippos and crocodiles.  In addition, the park also is home a wide a ray of birds amounting to 350 species some which include water birds, forest and savanna birds.

Lake Mburo national park has got thrilling activities that keep its visitors always on the desire for more. Some of the most common tourism activities at Lake Mburo include; Game drive in the park, boat cruise on Lake Mburo, birding/ bird watching, Nature walks, the unique horse riding to view wildlife, fishing, cultural tours and cycling among others.

How to reach Lake Mburo National Park

Lake mburo national park is situated in western Uganda and certainly the nearest in terms accessibility/ distance from the capital city (Kampala), a drive distance of approximately 228km and 3-4 hours’ drive time.  The park is located in Kiruhuru District between Masaka and Mbarara district.

The Entebbe international airport is 46km distance from Kampala the capital city. The Airport server as your entry point to the country and you will be picked up by the representative of the travel company you booked with, they will also conduct a transfer you  to  hotel  you booke prior to  our travel. all this can be  upon your request since some citty hotel offer airport pick up services.

The park is accessible in two ways.  When you are getting the park from Kampala-Masaka, your access will be through the Sanga gate about 20km for lyantonde  a asmall district close the park and  if you are  driving from Mbarara, your entry to the park will be from the Nshara game  aproxiamaltey 50Kms  from Mbarara.


Game Drives

For any savannah African safari, its considered   safari or a rewarding one until game drives are conducted.  Its therefore by all means that game drives are the prime activity one can ever carry out while on a wildlife safari.  Game drives guarantees one an amazing opportunity to see the parks constituents namely the bird and wildlife species.   Game drives at lake Mburo  are conducted by guides under close supervision of the UWA  rangers who are designated to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Lake Mburo national park  is endowed with several wildlife and bird species species among which you may lay your eyes on, they include but not limited to Elands, antelopes, buffaloes, giraffes, topis, warthogs, zebras, water bucks and impalas. Besides the park is the only in Uganda that is home to the impalas. Other features to look at while at the park are the alluring beautiful sceneries, the parent rocks and savanna. Other unique wildlife can also be viewed when on decides to take a night game, such wildlife include the leopards, bush babies and porcupines.

Boat cruise

Boat cruise on Lake Mburo

Another rewarding activity one ought to look for, when they are in Lake Mburo national park is a boat cruise. It’s also realized that during the dry seasons, some wildlife also are frequent habitants o the water areas some of which include buffaloes and antelopes.

This boat cruise will get you to come face to face with the flora and fauna of the lake. And along the bank, you will also see many animals that come to the water especially in the dry season. You will also see many hippos, crocodiles, antelopes, buffaloes, and over 3 types of otters that are found in the lake. Also when it comes to the birds, you will view the malachite kingfishers, African Fish eagles, blue headed weavers, Rufuos long tailed starlings, the pied kingfishers, hammerkobs, Herons, pelicans, the rare shoebill as well as the cormorants.

Horseback Riding

Another unique aspect of lake Mburo national park is the ability for one to carry out a game viewing exercise while riding a horse. The fascinating activity gives the park a distinction from the rest of the country’s national park as horse riding while viewing wildlife can only be done at lake Mburo National park. The activity is done at Mihingo lodge under the guidance of trained staff in conjunction with the park rangers.  The horseback ride in Lake Mburo can take 1-3 hours as you explore the beauty of the national park savannah coupled by the view of the wild game. This experience is quit breathtaking imagine you seated on a horse moving into the savanna to watch wild game. Horseback riding can also be conducted in the overnight as you head to the savannah in the night, will be amazed by sounds of the wildlife  and probably that of the horse you ride on .For overnight horse ride,  accommodation is normally availed  in form of tents. Note that the horse back experience is only sold by Mihingo lodge there by only participation while residing at  Mihingo lodge.

Lake Mburo National park

Igongo Cultural Center

Lake Mburo National park

You leave the park just 4 kilometers from Sanga gate, you will find the Igongo cultural center that is an historical showplace or the Banyakitara people, who lived in the western Uganda and also include the Banyankole, Batooro, Bakiga and the Banyoro. In the Banyankole, the ankole cow was king and queen in western Rwanda and Uganda.

This cultural center has got many traditional grass huts on the display and the guides will always explain to you about the way of life of these people in the past. You will also enjoy the museum and then learn about the ways of the local cultures. You can as well enjoy the local food that you can eat with in the restaurant and the great roasted goat that is offered here, it’s really a good stopover or the cultural, history and the traditional lovers.


Birding at lake mburo has increasingly become an attraction at lake Mburo national park. With the huge bird species that frequently storm the park, birding clearly keeps on growing, some of the most distinct bird viewing points are salt licks area, Rwonyo camp, lubanga forest, swampy valleys of Mariti and at the road sides. Some of the most notable bird species viewed at Lake Mburo national park include; coqui Francolin, emerald spotted wood, rufous bellied heron, crowned cranes, bare faced go away birds,ross turaco, white headed barbet, Nubian wood pecker, white parot, red-shouldered tit,black bellied bustard, yellow breasted apalis,long- tailed cisticola, king fisher, African fish eagles and so many more.

The park becomes increasingly more of a birding paradise, with more visitors. Tourists flocking it in quest to view the several birds that it has.  The search for birds at lake Muro  park doest exempt other  parks in country to be birding paradise given the fact that its sighted that Uganda has over 1000 bird species, rendering it a true birders paradise. Lake Mburo alone harbors a whooping number of 135 bird species, some of which cannot be sighted elsewhere across the country and national parks.

birding in lake Mburo



Mburo Safari Lodge boasts of its excellent accommodations which comprises the main Lodge, cottages and honeymoon house all raised on a wooden platform and covered by a grass-thatched roof, perfectly blending with the natural environment, stylishly and thoughtfully designed for your absolute comfort, convenience, and pleasure.

Accommodation List

  • Arcadia Cottages
  • Mihingo Lodge
  • Mburo safari lodge
  • Mantana tented camp
  • Eagles Nest Lodge
  • Rwonyo Rest Camp
  • Rwakobo rock
  • Mpongo Lode
  • Rock Lodge